What to do When You’re Not Meeting Your Goals

The Lean Start Up A number of years ago I read the book The Lean Start Up. It contains a number of steps about how to start a business while spending the most important time up front, testing your ideas. Initially the business creates a hypothesis. They have measurable tests to which they can draw … Continued

2 Books That are Shaping How I Work in 2018

Everyone has the intentions of following through on their 2018 resolutions, but what if you have trouble keeping focus or don’t think you’re skilled in areas you want to get better? Your doubts may be kicking your ambitions out of reach. I know this has kept me from thinking I had a chance really at … Continued

Truth Bombs You Need to Hear Before Starting Your 2018 Health Resolutions

Ah, it’s a new year. It’s like fresh snow on a mountain waiting for a snowboarder to carve it up. So promising, so beautiful, so majestic, so… unknown. The picture of the path hasn’t been carved yet. And there are your habits, your reservations, and not knowing what’s under that snow or at the bottom … Continued

How to Put Your Brain on Autopilot and Accomplish Your Goals

It’s 10:30 during the work day. Stomachs tighten as lunch time looms. “Hey, want to go out to lunch?” A common question asked millions of times over the course of weeks throughout businesses everywhere. But the next question kills more productive hours and thought than necessary. “Sure, where do you want to go?” All be … Continued

Saying Yes Is Saying No To Something Else

And The Story Repeats Returning home from Sunday night hockey, I pulled into my driveway. Playing in the beer leagues lends itself perfectly to its given name. Nothing’s quite as refreshing as cracking open a couple of cool barley pops after a game that requires so much effort physically. It’s as refreshing as downing that … Continued

How to Beat Body Weight Stagnation – Round 4 – Week 2

A couple of weeks ago, I finished up Round 3 of my Bigger Leaner Stronger workouts. Halfway through, it appeared that my weight was stagnating and I wasn’t losing body fat that I’d hoped. While I had seen the scale get down a couple of pounds, it’d shoot right back up another three pounds a … Continued

5 Reasons Hockey Is The Greatest Sport on the Planet

Tom Brady capped off the 2016 NFL season in arguably one of the best Super Bowls in NFL history. After overcoming a twenty-five point deficit, he lead the Patriots to an overtime victory. As exciting as this Super Bowl was, this excitement exists in every hockey game played. Below are my top five reasons Hockey … Continued

Round 3 – Halfway Point and Mental Health

Accountabilibuddies Starting the week of Christmas, I started round three of Bigger Leaner Stronger workouts. Over this period extending into New Year, a fraternity brother of mine decided he has the goal of dropping forty pounds within five months. With that goal in mind, I’ve become an accountabilibuddy for now a morning routine. With extra … Continued

Six Month Roadmap to Body Composition Success

Respect Where You Are Through What You’ve Been Through Six months ago I started a health journey that took me from 26% body fat to where I currently sit at 16.9%. With all the frustration in previous programs, I’m happy to settle with one that is yielding results. As 2017 starts, I’m excited and anticipating … Continued