5 Things that Tick Me Off in the Gym

Any hobby whether it be golf, hockey, or tennis all involve some sort of etiquette.  There is no exception at the gym. Lets face it, if you’re going to a public gym, there will be a wide range of fitness levels, ages, noobs to your most swoll bro, here are some things that tick me … Continued

Earphone Reviews – Comfort and Durability

If there’s one aspect of working out that I always need to keep me motivated, it’s my earphones.  Over the course of time, I’ve become particular on comfort and durability.  There are number of earphones that have gone through my gym bag and failed.  There are few things to meet my criteria as to whether … Continued

The Desire

Over the course of time, my body had become weak due to my sedentary life style as a programmer.  Through six jobs and ten years of programming hasn’t treated my body well. A lot of stories will tell you about former athletes or just being very active when they were younger.  It sounds the start … Continued