Earphone Reviews – Comfort and Durability

If there’s one aspect of working out that I always need to keep me motivated, it’s my earphones.  Over the course of time, I’ve become particular on comfort and durability.  There are number of earphones that have gone through my gym bag and failed.  There are few things to meet my criteria as to whether they’ll suffice for my usage and abuse.

  1. They can’t go directly into my ear.  I prefer an over the ear type of head phone.
  2. Wires aren’t ruling things entirely out of the picture, but it gets in the way.  Being a shorter person, the wire can slip out from under my shirt, get caught when I’m wearing a weight belt.  I prefer Bluetooth.
  3. They have to stay on when I turn my head quickly or run.

Here’s a review of some of the head phones I’ve owned over the course of years of lifting.

Philips Adjustable Earclip Headphones

I found these earphones comfort were great.  The clip over the ear weren’t bothersome and it goes over the ear.  The amount of foam while sweating gets soggy and gross, so they aren’t going to be headphones you want to use directly after your workout.  The cord at times did get in the way as it was tucked under my shirt.  I found it difficult to do weighted pull ups or dips as the cord would get in the way of the belt.  Eventually these headphones weren’t all that durable as sweat eventually took their toll on these headphones and died.

Overall, decent headphone, good price, and I had multiple pairs of these.  I loved them for the quality, but not necessarily the inability to handle the sweat.


Kinovo Bluetooth Stereo Headphone

These over the ear wireless headphones were great.  They were padded, so I didn’t have to worry so much about foam soaking up all the sweat over the course of my workout.  I could easily wipe them down and use them after a workout.

The only downside to these they were a little bulky.  It didn’t affect me moving my head around, and I could run with them.  They also were exactly sweat proof.  Over the course of time, sweat took it’s toll on them killing the ability to turn them on.

Overall, good price and dual usage was good for them.


Motorola S305 Bluetooth Stereo Headset

These headphones were comfortable and at one point I really liked the sound clarity provided.  They were only able to withstand the test of me moving around and not falling off of my head.  A few problems I had with this particular headset was the foam ear piece fell out and in order to attach it was becoming difficult and kept falling out of place.

Sweat didn’t catch up to these.  The ultimate kill switch on these head phones were the button to control the volume.  It sounds like many other people have had this problem.

These are a little pricier than some, so you may want to find a different option.


BASN Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headphone

These are cheap and wouldn’t stay in my ear when used.  I returned them immediately.


Avantree Jogger

These have pretty much outdone my expectations.  They are comfortable, even though they go into the ear, stay on well, wireless, and the sound quality is good enough for the purposes of a workout.  Currently the only thing wrong with them is the wire going into one of the earphones is cracked on the sheathing and probably just requires some electrical tape to be wrapped around it at this point.  We’ll see how long they last.


Hopefully you’re experimental headphone woes aren’t nearly as bad as mine and you’ve found this light overview of a few of the products I’ve used helpful.

What headphones have you been happy with?

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