5 Things that Tick Me Off in the Gym

Any hobby whether it be golf, hockey, or tennis all involve some sort of etiquette.  There is no exception at the gym.

Lets face it, if you’re going to a public gym, there will be a wide range of fitness levels, ages, noobs to your most swoll bro, here are some things that tick me off.

1. Using more than one set of dumb bells

I get it.  You want to do compound exercises.  But guess what?  You’re more than likely in a public gym and have to share space, benches, weights, pulleys, all equipment there.  Stop hoarding shit.  Use one set, and MOVE ON.

2. Re-Rack Your Fucking Weights and in the Correct Spot

If you been to the gym before, undoubtedly there’s a sign that reads or similar, “If you’re strong enough to lift it, you can also re-rack it.”  If you’re too lazy to re-rack, you’re too lazy to be in the gym.  Get out.

Also, put them in the designated spot.  Most gyms have these labels with numbers on them.  It’s a simple matching game a three year old could do.  For starters if it’s not labeled, heavy weights get racked on the bottom while lighter weights get racked on top.  DO IT!

3. If you see a lock on a locker, move a couple lockers down should space permit

It’s the equivalent to the tie on a door knob.  Don’t come in and don’t be near me.  I don’t want to deal with people when I have to get dressed or undressed being in my way.  These lockers aren’t exactly body width.  MOVE DOWN!

4. Why do I have to check certain equipment out with my ID card?

I don’t understand why for equipment that I pay for through my membership that I have to use my card to check things in and out.  At one of my gyms I have to do this for jump ropes, kettle bells, ab wheel, and weight belts.  I’m not a criminal, stop treating me like one.

5. Locker Room Etiquette

Your work out is complete and you’ve come into the locker room and here’s old man need more lunges with one foot up on the bench buck naked dangling.  No one needs to see that shit.  Put it the FUCK AWAY.

It’d be just my luck you’d be the locker right next to mine where you don’t have a lock but CLEARLY see that there’s one next to yours.  Try to AVOID IT, please.

If you are new to the gym, you can always ask someone a question.  Some of my annoyances have developed over time, so even I could be blissfully ignorant to someone else’s pet peeves.

So those are some of the things that annoy me while at the gym, what’s yours?

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