Weight Training – What’s In Your Gym Bag

Routine Creates Less Thinking Every morning or right after I get home, I add my socks, underwear, shorts, and a sleeveless shirt into my gym bag in preparation for another mid-day gym routine.  Through this routine, I occasionally forget to pack one thing or another, typically socks.  It’s a bad day when you have to … Continued

Week 2 Report – My Six Week Workout

Feeling Good Week 2 After getting my diet dialed in this past weekend, I’m feeling a bit more energized in the mornings.  I haven’t felt nearly as tired as I have some mornings in the past.  The trips to the bathroom have also been a bit more pleasant.  I can mostly say, I haven’t felt crazy … Continued

Week 1 Report – My Six Week Workout

What Are the Basics of the Workout? If you’re familiar with Max-OT training, this is similar.  It’ll be four to six repetitions with three sets.  I use low repetitions with heavy, for me, weight.  I lift four days/week with about three HIIT sessions, two directly after lifting. My warm up consists of walking at 3.5/mph … Continued

Dialing It In – Eating for my Goals

Get Direction to Meet Your Goal Rather than trying to gain muscle at the moment, I’m currently trying to cut down on the waistline a bit.  A couple of months back, I read the book Bigger Leaner Stronger.  The author provides plenty of insight on working through your goals and exactly what they should be … Continued

Recovery – A necessary pause in your routine

I Was Feeling DRAINED My last workout was a couple of Wednesday’s ago.  I followed my normal routine heading to the gym, but starting my workout I was beginning to feel uneasy.  My energy levels were lower than normal. I ran into my dad, and asked him if he wanted to lift.  I was able … Continued

The Routine – Get One

On the Daily My alarm is buzzing at 6:15 and I follow the same a routine of shower, make a high protein egg breakfast, put the dishes away from the dishwasher, collect clothes for my gym bag, brush my teeth, tell my family I love them, and head out the door.  This routine became part … Continued