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My alarm is buzzing at 6:15 and I follow the same a routine of shower, make a high protein egg breakfast, put the dishes away from the dishwasher, collect clothes for my gym bag, brush my teeth, tell my family I love them, and head out the door.  This routine became part of my daily ritual after I was married and a father.  My nights and mornings have variable based on how many times I’m disturbed in the middle of the night by my kids, but I try to stick to the 6:15 wake up.  The one constant I receive in the day is lunch time.  While most people actually would eat lunch during this time, I use it as my opportunity to work out.

At 10:45, I get up from my desk at work and head to the kitchen to grab my protein bar.  I know within 30 minutes I’m going to get my recess from sitting down and programming.  I’ve carved out the 11:15 time to head to the gym.  At this point, I’m game to head to the gym and make a better version of myself.  I’ve carved this time out and kept with the routine for the past four years.  I may miss lunches with co-workers, may be viewed as anti-social, but this is MY time.

So what’s kept me routine and sticking with it the past four years?

I find selfish to not be there for your kids because you don’t take care of yourself.  I was recently sick the past five days, and I hated not being able to play with my kids.  I knew at the time rest was the best option at the time, missing opportunities to go outside on the prettiest days of the summer made me ill content.  Do I want to be sick more often while I can be preventing these issues with diet and exercise?  Hell No!  If you don’t take care of your body, someone or something else will have to take care of it for you.  Do you want to be dependent on people or medications to you through life or helping curb preventable disease?  What type of example are you setting for your kids if you’re not taking care of yourself?  When you take that time to invest into your body with exercise and good food, you’re investing into life and into your quality of life.

Carve that time out and stick to it!

While I’m not suggesting you have to get into the gym lift weights and run like you robbed a bank, I suggest you find something that gets you moving.  The investment you can make is into you and your health.  Remember your body is the one asset you’ve been given.  Carve out the time take care of it before you regret it.

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