Recovery – A necessary pause in your routine

I Was Feeling DRAINED

My last workout was a couple of Wednesday’s ago.  I followed my normal routine heading to the gym, but starting my workout I was beginning to feel uneasy.  My energy levels were lower than normal.

I ran into my dad, and asked him if he wanted to lift.  I was able to lift slightly more on my dumbbell incline than normal, but towards the end, I was drained.

When I got back to the office, all my joints ached, particularly in the knuckles of my fingers.  My energy levels sank lower and I had to leave work early.

The Effects of Not Resting

After I got home, I went up to bed to rest.  I tried to sleep but the fluctuations in my temperature were making me sweat and have body chills.  I was getting sick, fuck!  Five days I found myself in the bathroom, my body ridding itself of sickness.

I haven’t rested from my workouts in quite some time, about three months.  Apparently this can stress your nervous system.  Not only that, but I’ve had an issue with my left wrist that left me in physical therapy for a few sessions.  While my wrist case was minor, it’s still nagging a bit. I’ve been told it’s De Quarvians, which was initially thought to be a wrist sprain.  For a couple of days I wasn’t able to fully grip my hockey stick.  I even ended up missing a couple of weekly hockey games.

Rest and Recover

This brings us to my final point, recovery.  I had a slew of issues and I wasn’t listening to what my body told me.  I stupidly powered through some 285 lbs dead lifts with a sore wrist and then tried to do dumbbell curls.

I did finish through that workout with my dad when I should’ve been resting and fighting off a bug.  Since all this has happened, I’m making a conscious effort to keep my program to a six weeks, rather than the eight I wanted, and spend a week recovering.  This could involve sleeping in, using my lunches to actually eat at that time, resting, sharpening my programming skills, and reading books of interest.  Luckily this past week I got to spend time with my family on vacation, and I can’t say I was necessarily the best on the diet side of things, but I’ll have to work on those kinks later.


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