Dialing It In – Eating for my Goals

Get Direction to Meet Your Goal

Rather than trying to gain muscle at the moment, I’m currently trying to cut down on the waistline a bit.  A couple of months back, I read the book Bigger Leaner Stronger.  The author provides plenty of insight on working through your goals and exactly what they should be based on your current body type.  Being that I’m a little on the heavier/fatter side of my goals before I start putting on muscle, he suggested that I cut before I start my build.  So there are a few goals in mind for the type of dieting I need to work:

  • Keep my strength up
  • Avoid excessive weight loss, looking for 0.5 – 1lb/week
  • Not drive myself crazy by eating foods that are bland and uninteresting.  Hot sauce could be my go to for awhile.

In order to accomplish these goals he recommends a few macro-nutrient breakdown per my weight at 173lbs.  Below are those numbers.

  1. 1.2g of Protein/lb of weight – 207g
  2. 1g of Carbohydrates/lb of weight – 173g
  3. 0.2g of Fat/lb of weight – 35g

Finally, per my weight, my caloric intake will be about ~1833calories/day.

Now I know My Macros and Calories, Where Now?

Figure out foods that you like so you’re not driving yourself nuts trying to figure out what you should and shouldn’t eat.  As the author of BLS suggests, treat yourself within the means of your goals every day.  This will help fight off temptation of eating a box of ice cream sandwiches, or having a Dwayne Johnson cheat day numerous times a week.

Do you smell what the ROCK is cooking?  It smells fucking delicious.

Dwayne Johnson Cheat Meal

Also to keep you on track of your caloric and macro-nutrient goals, make a spreadsheet of your food with a breakdown of your food, calories, protein, carbohydrates, and fat.  Here’s a sample of my spreadsheet for your reference.  This helped me breakdown what I enjoy and can tolerate eating.  While being a dad, and one that doesn’t cook well, my wife handles the cooking.  Being as that is, I left about ~600 calories for dinner time in hopes that I will hit my goals.  I’ll let you know how this goes as I chug along.

What Foods I Am Eating

If you downloaded my spreadsheet, you’ll see the types of food I’m eating.  This morning, I followed my spreadsheet pretty well.  I just added a couple of things to my four egg scramble, green pepper and sauteed (in olive oil) mushrooms.  On Saturday and Sunday I made a couple of things I found in The Shredded Chef.  I made a batch of protein sweet potato muffins and a batch of protein pudding bars.  If there is one thing to note about this book, you will need to purchase flavored whey protein.  These two recipes alone took about eleven scoops of protein.  While that’s not the only thing I use here’s a list of other foods/ingredients that I frequently eat.

This isn’t to say I’ll consume all those fruits within the week, but they make a rotation once in awhile.

Dialing It In

Now that I’ve spent the time to create a food list, make muffins and bars, create a spread sheets, and drive my wife bonkers, it’s time to remain disciplined.  You’ll often hear that 90% of the work is done in the kitchen, so hopefully in the future I’ll be writing about how everything has prospered; otherwise, I’ll keep running the same cycle.

In my final goal for my six week workout, I hope to be down to between 168-170lbs.


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