Weight Training – What’s In Your Gym Bag

Routine Creates Less Thinking

Every morning or right after I get home, I add my socks, underwear, shorts, and a sleeveless shirt into my gym bag in preparation for another mid-day gym routine.  Through this routine, I occasionally forget to pack one thing or another, typically socks.  It’s a bad day when you have to put on dirty socks again after your routine.  Yet worse, I’ve forgot to pack an extra pair of underwear on a day that I’ve casually ran a 5K on the treadmill…. WHOOPS!  I will spare you the gory details.

My gym bag has some pretty typical items in it for the listening to music, workout clothing, and shower time.  Below I list the items I keep in my bag.



For me, it’s typically been black mesh shorts.  I’m in favor of Nike or Under Armor brand shorts.  They have always been the most comfortable.


This is typically some sort of sleeveless moisture-wicking shirt.  Luckily these are pretty inexpensive if you want to pick them up.


I prefer boxer briefs.  Boxers can be a bit too restrictive in movements such as a lunges, squats, or Bulgarian squats being one of the worst.  I’ve have the misfortune of tearing my boxers from waist to asshole doing some of these movements.


I typically wear running shoes, unless someone convinces me otherwise, and I only use these shoes for the gym.  Like I said in the Week 2 Report, I do take them off for certain lifts where running shoes can wobble your knees making them vulnerable to injury.  Mine are not the hideously colored shoes you see below.  Mine are a loud red, so maybe worse?

For Shower Time

Oh Your Gym has a Towel Program?

I’ve been part of a couple gyms that have had towel programs.  The first gym actually had real towels.  Towels that would actually dry you off.  The second and current gym has towels that you feel like you’re drying yourself off with a piece of high grit sand paper.  They are also the size of a wet nap.  So I recommend bringing your own towel to the gym.  I may look like an outcast with my own towel in the locker room, but I can also say me or someone in my household are the only ones to have used it.

Listening to Music

Avantree Jogger Bluetooth Headphones

These are by far my favorite headphones out of large number of headphones I’ve owned and used while in the gym.  Having no cord keeps them out of the way during certain lifts and doesn’t get tangled up with a weight belt should you be wearing one.


Maybe this isn’t always in my gym bag, but it serves multiple purposes for me.  It serves as a timer to count down between my sets, tracking my workouts, and finally my random slew of terrible music that gets me fired up and ready to lift weights.

iPhone Six Arm Band

While I don’t necessarily use the arm band much, I find it useful for when I’m doing HIIT so my phone is flying around in my pocket and potentially breaking my phone.  I would say my best use for it so far has been the 5/3 Riverbank Run for the 10K I ran the past couple of years.

Those are the consistent items in my gym bag.  I may have skipped the body wash and deodorant, as I’m sure you have your own preference.  What do you consistently keep in your gym bag?


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