Small Wins and My Awesome Friends

It’s About Attitude

Sunday evenings for me are built with anticipation for my weekly hockey game.  I’ve been playing hockey with this team for a number of years.  Some I’ve played with since high school, they’ve been roommates, and above all some kickass fun friends.

My typical weekend would be filled with beer.  Unlike most people, those weekends may have started on Thursday.  Each of those days may have end with four beers or more.  Like I’ve noted in previous posts, my choice of beer is high in alcohol content and calories.

Finally, when I get to Sunday, I’ve consumed more beer than I want to meet my goals.  Why am I telling you about my hockey team and my beer consumption in a fitness blog?  I’ve had a series of attitude shifts about how I need to meet my goals and one of those has been to completely remove beer from my diet.

Small Wins Meeting Big Gains

Hail to the Victor!

I was invited to the Wisconsin/Michigan game by one of my friends from college.  We arrived several hours before the game started because what else do fans do before a football game, tailgate?  We stopped over at a friend’s who happens to live damn near a block away from The Big House.  Standing in the driveway, shots were starting to surround us, nothing abnormal for a tailgate right?  When approached, my friend asked me if I was going to have any beer.  Since we did drive a couple of hours to get to Ann Arbor in his car and gave me a ticket, I figured it’d be best if I drove home and he could have the drinks.  He did call me out for, far be it from my nature, to not have anything to drink.  The last couple of times at this house for a U of M game, I don’t recall much happening post game.  So in the end, I didn’t drink anything and drove us home after a pretty exciting Wolverine Victory over the Badgers.

Not Feeling the Peer Pressure

Sunday (10/10) start my winter hockey league with my hockey team I described above.  At bare minimum you can call these “The Beer Leagues”.  When I first started in the beer leagues having a couple of beers before the game would case my stomach on the first shift to burn and I’d feel pretty winded.  By the second shift a little better, and by the third pretty normal.  Over time, these pregame beers became a routine in my hockey regimen of getting dressed.

As I was getting ready for the game, the cooler full of beer was brought into the locker room.  I typically like heading to the game early to consume a couple of these beers, but this time I was certain to not drink.  One of my friends opened the cooler and started tossing beers to everyone.  He looks at me and tries to hand me one as I was no less than three feet away from him.  I told him, “No Thanks”, “I’m Good”.  With refusal for my answers, he tried to stuff the beer in my pocket.  At which point, I was still refusing and then he just cracked the beer and sat it down next to where I was sitting.  There, that beer remained full and undrank.  YOU WERE WASTING BEER JIM!

Guess What’s Still In My Fridge

If you’ve been keeping up with my blog, you’ll know I frequently have mentioned the Two Hearted Ale six pack that remains in my keezer.  I will let you know that six pack still remains in my keezer after three weeks.  I’m also proud to say, this is the longest I’ve gone without having alcohol in years.

What Else Has Kept Me Going

If you’ve been in a rut and your habits are stronger than your goals, I’ve found myself accountable for my goals by writing about it.  While I know I have a small audience (thanks for reading), I’ve found writing about it and publicly telling people (about how awesome cross-fit is…lol) about a normal desk-jocky overcoming the odds of a sedentary career and bad habits that may shorten my life.

Creating a plan for meals and knowing my macro-nutrients to accomplish these goals has made it much easier and routine.  I know exactly what I’m eating the day before alleviating any stress of what to eat each day.  I’m also the type of person who can eat the same thing every day, as I have enough variety, and be complacent.

My Friends Facebook Posts Have Not Gone Un-Noticed

Some of my friends are fitness enthusiasts.  One of my friends, Beth, that I find inspiring as a stay-at-home mom of three kids finds time in her day to meet her fitness goals.  Unlike this blog, I’m not specific about workouts or recipes, mostly because I’m following Bigger Leaner Stronger program and don’t want to run into copyright infringements (I’ve ran into that before in the t-shirt printing business).  Hopefully you can find some more value out of her blog than you’ll find here.

Another post that I took notice was about achieving a goal and the best way to shape your habits and create actionable steps to reaching those goals in a YouTube Video, thanks Carlin!

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