New Year Resolutions – To Get a Gym Membership or Not?

Where the Hell Did 2016 Go? 2016’s concludes in less than two months. With the holidays leading to gluttonous behaviors, those participating may have wrapped themselves in guilt as excessive pounds rear their ugliness on the scale leading them into your local meat head or “judgement free zone” facility. Funny or sad as it may … Continued

Round 2 Week 3 – Another Hectic Week

Hectic Week Last week was full of career project deadlines for both of my projects. Then all while working my day job, I released Swoll Bro HIIT Timer to the iOS App store. I’ll be sure to have a full notification of the app soon enough. If you find yourself downloading this app, please provide … Continued

Round 2, Week 2 – Busy Is No Excuse

Hectic Week Believe it or not, Swoll Bro isn’t exactly a full time gig. At the moment, it’s more of a hobby and my accountabilitbuddy when it comes to sticking with my goals. My full time and side work have been pretty demanding leaving me on my rear end for a good 9-12 hours a … Continued

Round 2 – Form, Constant Improvement Are My Top Two Weight Training Goals

Back At It Over the course of my last six weeks, I learned quite a bit about myself.  I learned my tolerance for alcohol has significantly dropped, how to eat better and not drive myself nuts, but most importantly putting together a plan, consistency, determination, and patience can lead to expected results. Bored With Your … Continued