Round 2 – Week 7 – What has become Habit from Routine

The Pinnacle of Success Starts With Knowledge

Sunday December 18th, 2016 marks the end of my second round of weight training utilizing the Bigger Leaner Stronger book’s recommendations. Before I started as my accountabilibuddy, I purchased this book back in April. I took a week from whatever lame, ineffective routines and sloppy dieting riddled my body into its current state, to read this book.

It’s been great! When I first took a reading of my lean body mass, and body fat percentage, my body fat percentage quartered my weight. I needed the knowledge and push in the right direction. While I had a great base for making it to the gym every day, what I lacked was routine of diet. Through many of my experiences now where I wouldn’t hesitate to reach for a beer, my considerations for the calories and the macro-nutrients from the foods my body is absorbing today has changed significantly from the previous six months.

The Sources of Knowledge

Muscle Magazine, US Weekly, crash dieting, “Drop 67lbs in 3 Months!”, these were all magazines and headlines as I stood in the checkout aisle with my wife and two daughters. I couldn’t help but think all those magazines are a cesspool of misinformation and riding on guilty feelings. The “Drop 67lbs in 3 Months!” headline stood out to me the most for a number of reasons:

  1. Do you actually have 67lbs to lose?
  2. Are you starving yourself on this diet, crashing your metabolism?
  3. What are the chances this person, after losing 67lbs, regains it?
  4. If these are the sources of true diet and fitness, why does this need to come out every week or month? I understand not every body type is the same, but some basic guidelines should apply across the board to anyone. If you’re looking at one of these magazines, stop immediately. They are built on guilty feelings and poor advice.

While I wouldn’t normally find any celebrity advice worthwhile, Chris Pratt’s body transformation and candid response on his results are worth a listen.

What, you mean Chris Pratt admits that moving your body, feeding yourself properly would lead to results to which the body would respond. MOST IMPORTANTLY, his results were in EIGHT MONTHS. If you’re struggling, or THINK you’re struggling, remember these things take time and consistency.

Routine Into Habit

After hearing Chris Pratt’s story, I knew consistency was going to be my best friend as it came to turning my routines into habit. Also what I found refreshing, he wasn’t bullshitting about timelines for results. Creating the plan was absolutely necessary on turning these items into my habits. I created a couple of actionable items. Below are mine that I put into spreadsheets.

  1. Create Macro Based Diet of Foods I Like
  2. Generate a High Weight Low Rep Program

Overall, creating actionable items and having a plan will help you significantly no matter what you’re trying to accomplish. Plan out your day for tomorrow and you may find yourself accomplishing your goals more often.

Starting Numbers Week 7

Last Week

  • Weight – 171lbs
  • BF% – 17.6%
  • Muscle Mass – 42.6%

This week I worked on deloading so my lifts were light enough to push through to ten reps.

Deload Results

Monday – Shoulders/Back
Exercise Set 1 Set 2 Set 3
Standing Military Press 95 x 10 95 x 8 95 x 9
Front Raise 25 x 10 30 x 10 30 x 10
Lateral Raise 20 x 10 20 x 10 20 x 10
Weighted Underhand Pullup 0 x 10 25 x 10 25 x 10
Dumbell Row 60 x 10 65 x 10 70 x 10
Shrugs 205 x 10 215 x 10 215 x 10
Tuesday – Legs
Exercise Set 1 Set 2 Set 3
Squat* 185 x 10 195 x 10 195 x 10
Deadlift 155 x 10 185 x 10 185 x 10
Bulgarian Split Squat 70 x 10 70 x 10 70 x 10
HIIT 20:00
Wednesday – Bis\Abs
Exercise Set 1 Set 2 Set 3
Standing Barbell Curl 75 x 10 85 x 10 85 x 10
Incline Dumbbell Curl 35 x 10 35 x 10 35 x 10
Hammer Bar Curl 65 x 10 75 x 10 75 x 10
HIIT 20:00 Intervals on the Elliptical
Thursday – Chest/Tris
Exercise Set 1 Set 2 Set 3
Incline Bench 145 x 10 155 x 10 155 x 10
Flat Bench 155 x 10 165 x 10 155 x 10
Skull Crushers 65 x 10 75 x 10 75 x 10
Dips – Chest Version 25 x 10 25 x 7 0 x 10
Close Grip Bench Press 135 x 8 135 x 8 135 x 10
Cable Tri Press* 105 x 10 125 x 10 125 x 10
Exercise Set 1 Set 2 Set 3
Ab Circuit* 15 20 25
* Ab circuit consists of ab roller, medicine ball twists, and crunches.
Calf Circuit 135 x 18 135 x 18 135 x 18
HIIT: 25 minute Sprints @ 15sec sprints @ 45sec moderate

The Last Fourteen Weeks

Over the last fourteen weeks, I’ve felt more energy and better equipped to meet my goals with the knowledge I’ve taken in from the plan set in Bigger Leaner Stronger. Below are a couple of pictures from July until now.

July 2016

December 2016

Final Measurements

  • Weight – 169.6lbs
  • BF% – 17%
  • Muscle Mass – 42.9%

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