Week 6 Report – My Six Week Workout

Worth the Ride I started this workout shortly after I had been on vacation, the first week in September.  I’ve learned a bit about myself in terms of self control, discipline, and motivating factors.  Key Successes for me have been the lack of beer I’ve drank, cleaning up my diet, and having a supporting and … Continued

Week 5 Report – My Six Week Workout

Feeling Routine and Energized If I hadn’t noticed it before, I feel my energy levels remains fairly high.  Beyond the two nights my wife and I spent tending to our daughter, I felt refreshed after a night’s sleep.  The best part of this week has been noticing how easy it is to reach my newest … Continued

Week 4 Report – My Six Week Workout

Sticking to My Guns Week 4 again presented challenges and obstacles in terms of diet.  Friday night after a week of training my wife and I had a date night.  We went bowling, and I think for the first time hadn’t drank a beer while bowling since I turned 21.  Funny enough, I ran into … Continued

Week 3 Report – My Six Week Workout

The Drive Remains Strong Week 3 had thrown me some challenges to knock me off path.  Old habits presented themselves the past weekend as I made a trip out of town.    Willpower that day remained stronger, and I kept dedicated to my goals.  For once in a long time, I’m not having my Monday/Sunday … Continued

Week 2 Report – My Six Week Workout

Feeling Good Week 2 After getting my diet dialed in this past weekend, I’m feeling a bit more energized in the mornings.  I haven’t felt nearly as tired as I have some mornings in the past.  The trips to the bathroom have also been a bit more pleasant.  I can mostly say, I haven’t felt crazy … Continued

Week 1 Report – My Six Week Workout

What Are the Basics of the Workout? If you’re familiar with Max-OT training, this is similar.  It’ll be four to six repetitions with three sets.  I use low repetitions with heavy, for me, weight.  I lift four days/week with about three HIIT sessions, two directly after lifting. My warm up consists of walking at 3.5/mph … Continued