On the Ice

As of late, I’ve been seeing and feeling the results of my efforts in recent weeks. Even though my ice hockey team has gone 1-4 the past month, I can say I’ve been having a lot of fun playing. In that time, we were shut out twice, and scoring one goal in the last game. You’d think that would frustrate and deter a person, but I’ve been having a blast playing. Through sprinting in my HIIT workouts, my recovery time while sitting on the bench lessened. I went from hating to play center, mainly because of being responsible as the third defenseman and non-stop skating, to thoroughly enjoying it. My legs aren’t burnt out from a number of sprints up and down the ice anymore. Typically with ten players showing up, this would make an every other shift presence out on the ice, making some teammates shy away from skating center. I’ve actually have come to enjoy it this season.

Achieving Those Results

In my previous post, How to Beat Body Weight Stagnation, I focused on changing my diet up slightly to help lose some weight. Luckily, maybe it was lucky, it panned out for me. It was this effort that has me addicted to results and keeping my spirits high and undeterred.

Previous Measurements

Weight – 165.4lbs
BF% – 16.1%
MM% – 43.3%

Round 4 – Week 6 Workouts

Monday – Chest
Exercise Set 1 Set 2 Set 3
Incline Bench 185 x 5 185 x 4 185 x 4
Flat Bench 195 x 3 185 x 5 185 x 5
Incline Dmbl (2 x 75lbs) x 8 (2 x 75lbs) x 7 (2 x 75lbs) x 6
Cable Flies
(low, mid, up)
50s x 18 50s x 18 50s x 18
Ab Circuit 15 Ab Rollers
15 Medicine Ball Twist
15 Crunches
HIIT 10:00 of 45sec/walk @ 3.5mph and 15sec/sprint @ 13.5mph
Tuesday – Back
Exercise Set 1 Set 2 Set 3
Weighted Pullup 45 x 6 45 x 6 45 x 5
Barbell Row 175 x 6 175 x 6 185 x 6
Cable Row 195 x 6 195 x 6 195 x 6
Barbell Shrug 245 x 8 255 x 6 255 x 6
Sled Calf Circuit (in, out, mid) 270 x 18 270 x 18 270 x 18
HIIT 10:00 of 45sec/walk @ 3.5mph and 15sec/sprint @ 13.5mph
Wednesday – Shoulders
Exercise Set 1 Set 2 Set 3
Bar Standing Press 115 x 6 125 x 3 125 x 3
Dmbl Front Raise 30 x 8 30 x 8 30 x 8
Dmbl Lateral Raise 25 x 6 25 x 6 25 x 6
Ab Circuit 15 Ab Rollers
15 Medicine Ball Twist with 25lb plate
15 Crunches
Thursday – Legs
Exercise Set 1 Set 2 Set 3
Squats 225 x 6 225 x 6 225 x 6
Romanian Deadlift 265 x 6 265 x 5 265 x 6
Leg Press 450 x 6 540 x 6 540 x 6
Calf Circuit * 280 x 10 – 115 x 8 280 x 10 – 115 x 8 280 x 10 – 115 x 8
*Leg Press calf raises and seated calf raises
Friday – Upper Body
Exercise Set 1 Set 2 Set 3
Incline Barbell Press 155 x 10 155 x 10 155 x 10
Barbell Curl 105 x 6 115 x 5 115 x 4
Close Grip Press 155 x 6 155 x 6 155 x 6
Dumbbell Curls 50s x 6 50s x 6 50s x 5
Skull Crushers 85 x 6 85 x 6 85 x 6
Ab Circuit 15 Ab Rollers
15 Medicine Ball Twist with 25lb plate
15 Crunches
HIIT 10:00 of 45sec/walk @ 3.5mph and 15sec/sprint @ 13.5mph

Unexpected Dizzying Results

After my Friday workout, my wife and I were heading out for the weekend to celebrate our anniversary. We did a wine tasting tour in Traverse City on Friday and shared a sub-par dinner, but most importantly we had some alone time. We spent time in Michigan’s wine country the previous year for our anniversary and had a blast, so why not try it again?

On Saturday, we were sharing breakfast, so I didn’t get my 25min of cardio in as I normally would, and I started feeling a bit dizzy after drinking some coffee. It tapered off and we were headed up further into the Leelanau Peninsula. Since we were doing this prior to the wineries opening, we decided to stop at the Casino along Route 22. As we stepped into the casino, the lights of the casino seemed to be flickering a bit. For some reason, this was making me sensitive and dizzy again. I sat on a couch nearby the entrance for a bit and drank some water. I still didn’t feel quite right but figured it would again go away like it had at breakfast. I mean, I did drive the twenty minutes to the casino and felt fine.

WRONG! After a few minutes of gaming, I was getting dizzy and nauseated. While we had some winnings, my wife cashed out while I went outside and thinking the change of scenery, lighting, temperature, shit anything else, would help. At this point, I was barely able to walk, losing my balance, reference points for my eyes were repeatedly flashing and I couldn’t focus. As my wife came out, she asked me repeatedly if I wanted an ambulance called. I repeatedly said no, and to just get me to emergency care.

We get into my car, and after she goes about four parking spot lengths, I pull a plastic bag from the back seat, that was full of snacks and dumping them on the floor, of my car knowing I was going to vomit. She stopped the car as I unbuckled, opened the door, and sat on the ground, spilling everything in my digestive system onto the ground.

As nauseated as a human being can be, I sat on the ground cross legged, sunglasses and hat on face and head blocking any light from coming into my eyes. My heart rate was racing uncontrollably and my blood pressure was completely out of whack. According to my FitBit, my heart rate was 140bpm while sitting down. During this time, my wife ran over to the security guards inside the casino and they hooked me up to oxygen. I know there were a couple of casino EMTs and a State Officer there, but all I could really brave to see were feet at this point. Any movement of my head made the effects of whatever was happening between my ears worse. Unluckily for me, I was about to have my first ambulance ride to the emergency room.

After about a 20 minute ride, I ended up in the ER of the Traverse City hospital. I had no balance, nauseated, and moving my head enhanced each of the effects. Looking side to side was not an option. I tried to keep my head still and my eyes covered or closed. Being pumped full of valium and antivert can make a person sleepy. I was about to be admitted to the hospital for maybe the second time in my life. The first being when I was only a few months old.

On the bright side of being admitted to the hospital, they tend to run a lot of tests to help determine the cause. I was given a CAT scan and an MRI, being told that it could be auditory tumors or MS. The best news I received was that it was neither of those issues, but benign paroxysmal positional vertigo.

The Outcome From the Weekend

The previous week, which would’ve been Week 7 of the workouts, I spent mostly on my couch fighting off symptoms from being dizzy. I missed an entire week of work. Walking my dog a mile on Wednesday was still a chore, but it needed to be done. Visual reference points for me were still bouncing considerably.

Over the course of this week, I’ve been getting better slowly, but some things aren’t 100% quite yet. However, I’ve been able to get back into the work, the gym, and even run on the treadmill for some HIIT training.

Okay, So You Got Dizzy, Finality of it All?

Weight – 164.2lbs
BF% – 15.9%
MM% – 43.5%

For anyone that called, sent me texts, provided prayers, or well wishes, I appreciate it! Thank you!

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