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If you’ve been following my Six Week Workouts, you’ll notice the number of times I use HIIT Training as my preferred method for cardio. It’s been proven to increase your metabolism through using short burst of high intense exercise for a short period of time, followed by moderate exercise for a longer period. The issue I was finding while I was timing my intervals was constantly looking at my phone, and then figuring out when to sprint and moderate.

Swoll Bro HIIT Timer alleviates the issue of your focus on your phone and signals when you need to sprint, moderate, and finally end your HIIT cycle. My promise to you, Swoll Bro HIIT Timer will remain free to use, free of advertisements, and I will not ask for personal information. The only thing I do ask is you provide your candid feedback to paul@swollbro.com or @swollbro on Twitter.

Swoll Bro HIIT Timer is currently available on the iOS App Store.

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