Hey Reader,

Welcome to SwollBro.com! Within this site, I want to show anyone that they can achieve their fitness goals. Throughout this time, I’ll be tracking my workouts, diet, providing you my perspective on the gym, and hopefully providing you the motivation to keep moving to achieve your goals. I will note, I am NO expert, and I’m NOT a trainer. I have no certifications. I have spent plenty of time in the gym and this time around I’m following a different plan than I previously have followed.

A little bit about me, I’m a family man father of two, web programmer (so I’m sedentary for most of the day), hockey nut (LGRW), and weight training enthusiast.

So Many Hobbies

In my adult life, there’s a lot of distractions for me. Aside from the amount of time it takes to be a family man and working as a full programmer can definitely effect the waistline. Let me not forget, being an amateur brewer in Beer City, USA hasn’t helped either (so many great breweries around here). So it’s this time around I choose health for a number of reasons. Most importantly, to be around for my family. Secondly, be a role model to my two girls. Thirdly, because I’m a hockey nut, I want to stay in shape as long as I can to play, like this 94 year old gentleman.

Recently, and after an eleven year hiatus, I rediscovered how much fun snowboarding is. Thanks Cory and Bret! This past February I was able to enjoy the non-hills of Michigan and go snowboarding in the mountains of Colorado. While I hadn’t started Bigger Leaner Stronger program yet, I felt my training in the gym under the MAX-OT principles I was conditioned well enough to basically do a wall sit down the mountains at Copper Mountain, A-Basin, and Loveland. The one thing I didn’t have was my diet dialed in.

Copper Mountain

Improvement and Testing

I’ve tried a number of programs to achieve the results I’d like ranging from MAX-OT training to P90X.  These programs weren’t necessarily unsuccessful, but they weren’t for me.  I needed a simpler process.  That’s where I found Bigger Leaner Stronger by Michael Matthews. Through this program I’m able to push myself and still eat things I want. I’m not driving myself nuts eating lettuce and carrots. If you haven’t looked into it, check out Muscle For Life. There’s plenty of free information there if you don’t want to purchase his book.

So after years of experimenting in the gym, I finally decided it was time to get a bit more serious, track my results, and hopefully inspire others. While I had the basics of how to train, I didn’t have the diet side of fitness. As the cliche goes, you are what you eat. And as I move forward, I will provide my updates and hopefully show you a normal dude can do this. With Bigger Leaner Stronger, my workouts are focused on two muscle groups a day, low reps with heavy weights, and having certain macro-nutrient counts to meet your goals.



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